From the Ontario Jewish Archives

We created a fun 10-minute educational video for the students to watch before their journey to introduce them to Judaism and the Jewish history of Toronto.

from Dara Solomon, executive director or the Ontario Jewish Archives and the Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre:

Through a significant partnership, we developed with the TDSB, nearly 3000 students (gr. 6-9) from about 60 schools from across the city will be going on the OJA’s Jewish Heritage walking tour of Kensington Market.

The tours include a stop inside the historic Kiever Synagogue and present the challenges and opportunities of living in early 20th century Toronto; to develop awareness and empathy for the Jews of the past and present. We also received a UJA Kultura grant to partner with Ashkenaz who have curated a live performance by a costumed peddler with his cart (developed by Alon Nashman) who will appear on every tour!

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