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At the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company we embrace and celebrate the Jewish story – stories about our history, stories about our beliefs, stories about our struggles and triumphs.

These stories have been 5,000 years in the making; they have universal application. These stories have to be told and need to be seen.

It is our responsibility and privilege to share them with the world.

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November 2, 2024

to November 10, 2024

This road-trip bromance is a funny and heartwarming ode to the turbulence of youth, the universal suspicion that we don’t quite fit in, and the faith and friends that see us through.


May 5, 2024

Join the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company for the play and conversation.


May 25, 2024

to June 9, 2024

Laugh out loud as we embrace the brilliance of this creative genius in Discovering Allan Sherman.


May 4, 2024

to May 16, 2024

Through tears and laughter, In Seven Days explores what it means to live with grace and grapples with how we say goodbye to the people we love most.


January 27, 2024

The Shoah Songbook explores music that was written by Jewish composers between 1940 and 1945 who perished in the concentration camps and ghettos of the Holocaust.


November 18, 2023

to November 19, 2023

Enjoy an unforgettable evening of laughter, story and song with one of the world’s funniest comedians!


October 21, 2023

to October 29, 2023

Through drama and comedy, Niv Petel weaves a vivid and detailed familial relationship in Knock Knock, an immersive physical mono-drama about the effects of National Service on everyday life.


April 27, 2023

GLORIA: A LIFE brings us a richly detailed tapestry about one of the most inspiring and remarkable Jewish women of our time.


November 14, 2022

See Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story and enjoy a post-show private chat with cast members.


April 27, 2022

In this concert, Likht Ensemble explores the music of Poland, sharing repertoire by Polish composers and from the Kraków and Łódź ghettos.


June 7, 2022

to June 21, 2022

Vitaly, celebrated as one of the most unique and innovative illusionists in the world, brings his most ambitious work to Toronto.


February 12, 2022

Join Dora Award Winning Actor & Singer Bruce Dow and Pianist & TV Producer Mark Selby online as they celebrate the contribution of the great Jewish composers and lyricists, illuminating the unique human experience that is love.


January 27, 2022

Join us for this free concert on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Likht Ensemble transports listeners to the ghettos of Lithuania.


November 21, 2021

to December 6, 2021

Get ready to spin your dreidels and grab your latkes for the sweetest Hanukkah Celebration you will ever see!


November 9, 2021

Join the Neuberger as journalist Mark Jacobson discusses the relevance of these myths today and shares some ideas about protecting Holocaust memory against denial and distortion into the future.


November 10, 2021

The Soap Myth wrestles with the conflict between survivor memory and historical proof, as well as with the scourge of antisemitism masquerading as Holocaust denial.


October 21, 2021

Read a play and then gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to construct a play through a live discussion with the playwright.


October 28, 2021

Professor Charles Richter will explore the golden age of the Yiddish stage – a fascinating history of a Jewish show business that kept our grandparents and great grandparents entertained and enlightened through a period of mass immigration and violent social upheaval.


September 30, 2021

We invite you to connect to another story of oppression, a time in our history that we as Canadians must also never forget.


August 25, 2021

In this rare opportunity, we invite you to join us for our theatrical take on a ‘book-club’. Here you will read a play and then gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to construct a play through a live discussion with the playwright.


July 15, 2021

to July 22, 2021

Join Jewish cultural expert, Professor Charles Richter, in discussing the work of Gertrude Berg, the sitcom pioneer who attempted to change the image of the Jew in American society.


July 20, 2021

to August 24, 2021

Through this 6-week course, you will learn the history and develop the ability to interpret and perform some of the best songs from Broadway.


May 2, 2021

Join Avery and David for three fun-filled hours of fabulous entertainment, cast reunions, and great giveaways. Featuring performances from over 20 stars from Canada and Broadway.


April 11, 2021

to April 13, 2021

Join us as we celebrate and discover the best of Israeli theatre, dance and music over a three-day period.


May 19, 2021

Canadian individuals between the ages of 15 – 30 will be asked to answer the question: “What is my Jewish Identity?”


April 4, 2021

Faced with anti-Semitism in classical music, young artists turn to forgotten compositions of the Holocaust to re-embrace the canon on their own terms. The Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company will present five installments of rarely performed music by Jewish artists composed during the Holocaust.


March 1, 2021

to June 30, 2021

These productions – from classic tales to contemporary stories, moving dramas to amusing comedies – represent some of the breadth and diversity in both content and aesthetics of contemporary Israeli theater.


February 25, 2021

Canada’s top Jewish comedians go head-to-head at Temple Sinai!


February 13, 2021

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the wonderful songs of Gershwin, Sondheim, Kern, Motown and many more.


January 31, 2021

A play about the transformative power of forgiveness and how it impacts our ability to move beyond the trauma of the past.


January 24, 2021

to February 28, 2021

In this gentle, playful writing workshop, we explore how to awaken and support your unique creative voice.


December 6, 2020

to December 18, 2020

Celebrate Hanukkah from the comfort of your own home with performances from Jewish Theatres from around the world.


November 22, 2020

Award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter Amy Sky creates a memorable evening of song for HGJTC.


November 8, 2020

A charming, sly, and heartfelt story exploring the bonds of family and tradition; the culture clash of old East Side and new West Side; and the romantic benefits of a new hat.


October 25, 2020

An evening of stories and songs, performed live and directly in your living room!


October 22, 2020

to November 5, 2020

Join Avery, Theresa and David as they read three short stories by the most popular and iconic writer of his generation.


October 19, 2020

to November 30, 2020

Avery and David talk with the wonderful performers and directors who have graced the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company’s stage.


August 17, 2020

As Toronto begins to re-open, leaders from performing arts organizations will discuss how they adapted their programming for the pandemic, and what they see as the future of the performing arts as we move forward into the “new normal.”


January 24, 2021

An inside look at the life and career of some of Canada’s best theatre artists.

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