A discussion between Elin Beaumont and Chana Broder about surviving the Holocaust as a young child, and the intergenerational transmission of memory.


daring to hope

The Azrieli Foundation, in partnership with the Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre and the Montreal Holocaust Museum, is pleased to announce the launch of Daring to Hope, a memoir written by Rachel Lisogurski and her daughter, Chana Broder. Please join us for a meaningful program where you will have the opportunity to watch a short video featuring Chana telling parts of her and her mother’s story, followed by a live discussion between the Azrieli Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program, Elin Beaumont, and author, Chana Broder, about surviving the Holocaust as a young child, and the intergenerational transmission of memory.


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Presented by:

A Kultura Collective Member

In Partnership with:

Virtual J, the Montreal Holocaust Museum, and the Azreili Foundation

Start Date November 1, 2020

1:00 PM

Downtown Toronto

Virtual J




If accessibility options not listed, please contact the venue to confirm


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