Shellie Zhang, A Place for Wholesome Amusement,
Shellie Zhang, A Place for Wholesome Amusement, 2018. Installation photo by Morris Lum.

FENTSTER (meaning “window” in Yiddish) is an independent, artist-run exhibition space located in the storefront window of the grassroots Jewish community, Makom. Fentster presents rotating, site-specific installations of contemporary art connected to the Jewish experience. Visit 24/7!

Image: New York’s Sandcatchers play a sidewalk concert in front of FENTSTER’s Mandel’s Dreamery installation, Summer 2016.

Address: 402 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1S8

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March 10, 2022

Bake alongside artist Rob Shostak in conversation with Jewish&’s Lauren Schreiber Sasaki, both Montreal-born and Toronto-based enthusiasts of homemade challah, the bread customarily eaten at Shabbat and (most) Holiday meals.


November 17, 2021

An online gathering for creatives and culture makers by Jews of Colour for Jews of Colour.


August 28, 2021

Join FENTSTER and Ashkenaz live-streamed on the KlezKanada Facebook page featuring an array of programming produced in Toronto and New York.


August 24, 2021

Take a look back with curator Evelyn Tauben at the contemporary art installations that have been created especially for their window gallery in downtown Toronto.


August 26, 2021

Artist and architect Daniel Toretsky (New York) in conversation with curator Evelyn Tauben (FENTSTER gallery, Toronto).


May 26, 2021

Join FENTSTER curator Evelyn Tauben and current exhibiting artist Rachel Miller for five questions in under 25 minutes as they discuss the creative process and sustainable practices in art making.


March 16, 2021

An online gathering for creatives and culture makers by Jews of Colour for Jews of Colour.


December 2, 2020

A dynamic group of Canadian and U.S. artists who identify as Black and Jewish come together for an unparalleled conversation on art and identity.


October 13, 2020

Get close to the art while remaining physically distanced. Swing by and meet Toronto-based photo-video artist Ella Cooper from the sidewalk. Sign up for a limited time slot.


August 27, 2020

As a window gallery, FENTSTER is the most public Jewish art space in Canada operating 24/7 year-round, even during the global lockdown.

Related Exhibitions

Window Gallery

April 26, 2022

to September 8, 2022

Parchment is an installation of community collected parchment papers exploring the mark made by baking challah bread for Shabbat, leaving an imprint of memory.

Window Gallery

November 22, 2021

to April 23, 2022

An abstracted tree without roots hangs in the FENTSTER window gallery, its limbs and leaves composed of many double-sided drawings created by Yaara Eshet (Toronto) and Aya Rosen (Brooklyn), longtime transplants to North America from Israel.

Window Gallery

June 17, 2021

to November 17, 2021

New York-based artist and architect Daniel Toretsky invents a part-performance, part-ritual, part-sculpture for an imagined distant Jewish future in a dystopian North America.

Window Gallery

January 25, 2021

to June 1, 2021

A new, site-specific installation referencing the immigrant experience, environmental fragility, and resilience. Artist Rachel Miller creates a textured, tapestry-like assemblage from repurposed and natural materials taking inspiration from Jewish folk art and speaking to the urgent need for ecological healing.

Window Gallery

September 25, 2020

to January 21, 2021

The site-specific installation, by Toronto-based photo-video artist Ella Cooper, features a self-portrait series, presenting faces of grief and sorrow through the lens of a mixed race artist of Jewish heritage.

Window Gallery

April 26, 2020

to September 21, 2020

A recreated stained glass window by Toronto artist Robert Davidovitz in the FENTSTER window gallery honours familial and artistic lineages.

Window Gallery

October 1, 2019

to April 24, 2020

The artist duo behind the internationally successful Warsaw-based Judaica company MI POLIN create a new site-specific art installation for the FENTSTER window gallery in downtown Toronto.
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