June 7, 2024

A path to celebrating and understanding the Jewish experience in the arts.

SHVILIM (Hebrew for ‘paths’) is a new initiative focused on enhancing the visibility of Jewish culture in Ontario’s arts landscape while supporting the arts sector to address antisemitism alongside other forms of racism.

It is being led by FENTSTER, Shoreline Collaboratives and No Silence on Race with support from the Ontario Arts Council. 

SHVILIM is collaborating with a robust team of artists, educators, arts and equity professionals as well as Jewish and allied leaders to develop resources, cultural programming, outreach activities and community engagement. 

To that end, they want to learn more about the landscape of the Ontario arts sector in relation to the Jewish experience and to antisemitism to uncover where further support and resources are needed through a survey of arts organizations in Ontario.

SHVILIM is also circulating a questionnaire which aims to gain insights into the experiences of Jewish artists, arts workers and lay leaders across the province. 

Kindly share both the survey and questionnaire with friends and colleagues in Ontario!

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