The Toronto Holocaust Museum opens this June!


June 5, 2023

Young adults exploring the Toronto Holocaust Museum, 2023. Photo by Liora Kogan for the Toronto Holocaust Museum.

The Toronto Holocaust Museum is a space for education and dialogue about this vital history and its ongoing relevance. The Museum serves as a powerful and growing force against antisemitism, bigotry and hatred in all its forms. Our state-of-the-art facility is the premier destination for Holocaust education in the city showcasing cutting edge technology, including interactive Holocaust survivor testimony stations at the core of each exhibit space and augmented reality tablet tours. The Museum deepens the public’s knowledge and understanding while inspiring visitors to think critically about the tragedies of the Holocaust and to make connections between the Holocaust, world events, and contemporary Canadian life.

The Toronto Holocaust Museum’s mandate is to foster understanding and knowledge of the Holocaust and related human rights issues and promote dialogue about civil society. The Museum has its roots in a Toronto-based group of Polish immigrants that formed in the 1940s to help Jews in Europe. Learn more about the Museum’s history.

Engaging educators and students in the study of the Holocaust is a primary part of our work at THM. We look forward to having teachers book their classes for visits to the Museum in fall 2023. The Toronto Holocaust Museum was designed for the learner of today. Framing questions guide the experience and showcase inquiry at the core of the ways in which people and especially students learn and process knowledge. At THM a shift in the learning dynamic occurs – encouraging students to respond to questions and make choices personalizing their learning experience, encouraging discovery, evoking curiosity and inspiring further learning. Visitors are encouraged to choose how they would like to engage with the history and the study of the Holocaust.

The Toronto Holocaust Museum will open on June 9 with a virtual community event and remarks. Tickets are available to book online starting on Sunday June 11, 2023.

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