Two Job Opportunities at Ashkenaz Foundation


November 16, 2023

The Ashkenaz Foundation, a vibrant non-profit cultural organization dedicated to the presentation of world class Jewish music and art, is currently seeking two candidates to fill the position of Director of Marketing & Communications and Executive Director.

Through its internationally-renowned, “Ashkenaz Festival” (featuring 250 artists in 90 performances for an audience of 60,000+ people) and an expanding slate of year-round programming, Ashkenaz showcases the work of leading contemporary artists from Canada and around the world working in all artistic disciplines. Ashkenaz’s mandate and programming encompasses a vast range of pan-Jewish music and art, including Sephardic, Ladino and Mizrachi traditions, and also strongly emphasizes fusion and cross-cultural exchange with artists from outside Jewish cultural traditions.

Director of Marketing and Communications
Deadline: December 15, 2023

The DMC will play a central role in the overall communications, promotion, and marketing efforts of the Ashkenaz Foundation relating to its programming, brand, and public-facing image. Duties will include: planning and executing a social media campaign (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc) to increase audience engagement and viewership of new and archival programming content; helping to shape the voice and brand of Ashkenaz over digital and analog channels; helping to develop processes and protocols around digital engagement at the organization, including responding to incoming social and other media enquiries and applying customer service and public relations best practices; implementing systems for campaign measurement and capturing/monitoring results for evaluation and reporting, with demonstrated understanding of digital metrics and analysis; optimizing content for search engines; implementing creative promotional campaigns; creating, proofreading and editing various print and web materials; layout and content creation for regular e-newsletters (use of Constant Contact); administrative management of programming info for website, mobile content, press releases; coordination with the festival’s external PR firm; PR outreach to organizations, communities and niche media where relevant to specific festival programs/artists; assistance with “street-team” postering and promotional campaigns; coordination with various community partners and peer organizations for cross-promotion of festival; if possible, creation and editing of online video promotions; general participation as a member of the Ashkenaz team. Click here to learn more.

Executive Director
Deadline: December 15, 2023

Reporting to and collaborating with the Board of Directors, in a shared leadership model with the Artistic and Managing Directors, the Executive Director will join a vibrant team of experienced professionals dedicated to excellence. Together, this team collaborates in overlapping spheres of responsibility, to bring into fruition one of the world’s foremost festivals of Jewish music and culture, as well as a year-round event series. Ashkenaz is a community-oriented work environment with attractive benefits and opportunities for growth. We value employee satisfaction and retention. We foster a positive and supportive atmosphere that can contribute to both individual and collective success.

The Executive Director is responsible for oversight of the Strategic Plan, ensuring the organization’s mission, vision, and values are effectively advanced through its programming and community engagement initiatives. The Executive Director manages Board relations and Board development, prioritizing community representation, diversity, inclusion and engagement among the organization’s lay leaders. The Executive Director plays a key role in shaping organizational communications, marketing and branding, and along with the Artistic Director serves as the company’s public spokesperson within the local, national and international community. The Executive Director stewards relationships with donors, funders and other key stakeholders, participates in relevant professional networks, and develops partnerships with other arts, civic, and Jewish community institutions. Click here to learn more.

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