Join the MNJCC for a Q&A with artist Sharoni Sibony on her exhibit My Body's Keeper.


my bodys keeper
Join the MNJCC for a Q&A with artist Sharoni Sibony on her exhibit My Body’s Keeper, running all of February at
This series of works on paper weaves together the visual vocabularies of communal Jewish prayer — Torah scrolls, cases, pointers, and more — and the artist’s own objects of pain management for fibromyalgia, putting the crip in scripture. Drawing on the comforting public symbols of her Jewish upbringing and the private symbols of her self-care rituals, she asks how we can reconceive synagogues and communal spaces as places where people can turn for comfort and care. These works are an invitation to consider how we think about and measure time, how we embody our spiritual lives, how illness affects our relationship to community and belonging, and how our spaces can be more spiritually centering places of recursive healing, strength, and support.

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A Kultura Collective Member

Start Date: February 1, 2021

8:00 PM






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