These productions - from classic tales to contemporary stories, moving dramas to amusing comedies - represent some of the breadth and diversity in both content and aesthetics of contemporary Israeli theater.


dybbuk play

The Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company is proud to present Theater J’s Israeli Theater Collection.

Theater J’s Israeli Theater Collection is the exclusive North American home for filmed productions from many of Israel’s leading theater companies. Filmed pre-COVID, these productions – from classic tales to contemporary stories, moving dramas to amusing comedies – represent some of the breadth and diversity in both content and aesthetics of contemporary Israeli theater.

Located in Washington, DC, Theater J, the largest and most prominent Jewish theater in the US, celebrates, explores, and struggles with the complexities and nuances of both the Jewish experience and the universal human condition. Now in their thirtieth season, Theater J’s work illuminates and examines: ethical questions of our time, inter-cultural experiences that parallel our own, and the changing landscape of Jewish identities. Theater J aims to preserve and expand a rich Jewish theatrical tradition and to create community and commonality through theater-going experiences.

Learn more about how to watch the Collection here: How To Watch

Performances will be available to access from March 1 – June 30, 2021.

Artistic Director: Adam Immerwahr
Managing Director: Jojo Ruf

Theater J is a proud program of the Edlvitch DC Jewish Community Center.

The Israeli Theater Collection is generously supported by the Embassy of Israel.

Pricing & Policies

Regular Price: $15.00 USD plus fees

All Non-English productions will have English subtitles.

All first-time renters must create a free Eventive account.

Once you rent a film, you have 72 hours to watch it.

For further information and assistance, contact the Theater J Ticket Office at (202) 777-3210 or The Ticket Office is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.



Gesher Theater

Director: Yevgeny Arye | Writer: Roy Chen

2014 | Hebrew and Yiddish with English Subtitles | 120 Minutes

From Gesher Theater, one of Israel’s most prominent and award-winning theaters since its founding by Russian immigrants to Tel Aviv in 1991, comes a new take on an old story.

Hanan, a poor Yeshiva student deeply involved in Kabbalah, dies suddenly after learning that his beloved Lea is pledged to another man. His troubled soul – stuck between two worlds, neither dead nor alive – cannot find peace. Lea is chased by his image. Madness ensues. Is it a sickness? It is love? It is a dybbuk?

This new version, written by Gesher Theater’s Dramaturg Roy Chen, combines comedy and tragedy, mysticism and psychology, danger and love, in a captivating production, richly envisioned for the Israeli stage, which will leave you spellbound.



Director: Hanna Vazana-Grunwald | Writer: Ya’acov Buchan | Adaptor and Performer: Hadar Galron

2019 | English with English Subtitles | 64 Minutes

Tammy is the only child of two Auschwitz survivors. Born after the war, Tammy has spent her life in the shadow of her parent’s past—she wasn’t allowed to cry or even to complain, so instead she whistled. When a stranger begins to open locked doors to her soul, Tammy, now 45, suddenly begins living for the very first time.

Whistle, My Mother Was Mengele’s Secretary is a one-woman show exploring the pain of the second generation of survivors and exposes the invisible yet deep wounds of the Holocaust. A semi-autobiographical play written by Ya’acov Buchan and performed by Hadar Galron, don’t miss this moving story about a woman overcoming all obstacles in the attempt to find love.



Beit Lessen Theatre

Director: Ido Rozenberg | Stage Director: Hanan Snir | Choreographer: Tomer Yifrach | Writers: Motti Lerner and Israel Zamir, after the story Two by Isaac Bashevis Singer

2020 | English with English Subtitles | 80 Minutes

One of Israel’s largest repertory theaters, Beit Lessen is dedicated to new Israeli and international plays which reflect the country in all its nuances. Based in Tel-Aviv, the theater explores the social, political, and religious issues unique to modern day Israel.

While studying together, yevisha students Zisl and Azriel discover their mutual attraction. Unable to have a relationship in their small Polish town, they leave to a nearby city, where Zisl agrees to dress as a woman so the two can live as man and wife. The decision drastically changes their connection as well as their religious and personal experiences. Unhappy but unable to separate, the two men must decide if their love is worth their lives.

Based on an Isaac Bashevis Singer story and directed by the acclaimed Ido Rozenberg, this visual and sensual stage version fuses movement, rhythm, and humor in this tale of lovers fighting for a place in an oppressive society.



Ensemble Aspamia

Writers: Yossefa Even-Shoshan and Dalia Shimko | Director: Dalia Shimko | Set Designer: Shimon Castiel | Costume Design: Dalit Inbar | Lighting Design: Nadav Barnea | Original Music Composer: Issar Shulman | Choreographer: Omer Shemer | Cast: Shira Curiel, Elhai Levit, Eyal Shechter, Dalia Shimko, Shalom Shmuelov, Esti Zakhem

2018 | Hebrew with English Subtitles | 80 Minutes

Founded in 2003, Ensemble Aspamia brings their unique theatrical language to stage adaptations of monumental literary works, performances furthering Modern Hebrew poetry, original Israeli plays, and classics clad in modern garb.

Based in Tel Aviv and bringing together professional artists from all levels of Israeli theater, the Ensemble takes their genre defining, postmodern, multi-disciplinary work all over Israel.

Who hasn’t heard of Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx and Socrates? But who has heard of Martha Freud, Jenny Marx, and Xantippe?

Everyone knows the expression “behind every successful man there is a woman”. But what does it really mean to “stand behind” a man who is a genius? What prices are paid by the woman who stands behind a man? Why, in fact, does she stand behind him instead of beside him? And why does she disappear from the stage of history when he becomes famous?

Yossefa Even-Shoshan and Dalia Shimko’s Revolutionaries’ Wives creates an imaginary, although plausible, history that rounds out the narratives of the ‘geniuses’ who changed the world and the women who changed them.



Nephesh Theatre and Haifa Theatre

Director and Adaptor: Howard Rypp | Choreographers: Tzachee Pateesh and Danny Rocham | Music Arranger: Ohad Rhine | Actors: Ohad Rhine, Lavie Zytner, and Howard Rypp

2016 | Hebrew and English with English Subtitles | 60 Minutes

Founded as Canada’s first professional Jewish theater in 1978, Nephesh Theatre, now based in Tel Aviv, produce plays in repertory throughout Israel in Hebrew and English. Their works reflect a plurality of beliefs and emphasize common bonds between different communities within Israeli society.

Three actors inhabit Robert Zimmerman, better known as Bob Dylan, at various points of the singer-songwriters storied career, from his folk roots to his explorations of rock and country. As they trace his voice’s journey through decades, they are joined by dancers from Israel’s Sheketak Group who give his poetry and music vital physical expression through movement.

Adapted and directed by Nephesh Theatre founder Howard Rypp, and coproduced with Haifa Theatre, The Rain and the Wind is a family-friendly, multi-media dance theatre performance based upon the life and songs of one of America’s most enduring and insightful artists.



Nephesh Theatre

Performer and Writer: Yossi Vassa | Director and Writer: Shay Ben Attar | Translator: Howard Rypp

2016 | Hebrew and English with English Subtitles | 60 Minutes

Founded as Canada’s first professional Jewish theater in 1978, Nephesh Theatre, now based in Tel Aviv, produce plays in repertory throughout Israel in Hebrew and English. Their works reflect a plurality of beliefs and emphasize common bonds between different communities within Israeli society.

At age eight and a half, Yossi Vassa, born Anda Argi, left his village in northern Ethiopia with his parents, brothers, and grandmother for a year-long trek to Israel, by foot, by donkey, and by plane as part of Operation Moses.

In his intimate, touching, and funny one-man show, Vassa blends memoir, stand-up, and incisive social observations to share the pains and opportunities of immigration, integration, and identity, particularly as a Black Jew in Israel.

Covering dating, education, immigration, television programming, choosing a new name, and more, It Sounds Better in Amharic is a humorous search for a harmony amongst differences as well as commonalities.



The Cameri Theatre

Writer: Gur Koren | Director: Gilad Kimchi | Set Designer: Eran Atzmon | Costume Designer: Orna Smorgonsky | Lighting Designer: Nadav Barnea | Music by: Amir Lekner | Cast: Dvir Benedek, Irit Kaplan, Gur Koren, Jordan Nikfahama, Yariv Biton, Nadav Assulin, Kineret Limoni / Osnat Ben Yehuda

2019 | Hebrew and English with English Subtitles | 105 minutes

Founded in 1944 in Tel Aviv, The Cameri Theatre is one of Israel’s leading theaters. Committed to producing new Israeli plays about contemporary social issues and the daily experiences of its audience, The Cameri has performed around the world as well as hosted internationally renowned artists in Tel Aviv.

Growing up, Ayelet, Gur, and Sela were told never to fight. Now adults who’ve taken very different paths in life—one a divorced teacher, another a successful actor, and the last a penniless spiritualist—the three cannot help themselves. But when the reading of their late father’s will reveals a mysterious claimant to their inheritance, including their childhood home, can the siblings overcome four decades of petty spats to reclaim what they think is theirs?

Packed with laughs, punches, and reluctant hugs, Don’t Fight is both a comedy about sibling rivalries and a touching play about who you keep beside you as you find yourself. That is, if you don’t fight every second along the way.



Ruti Tamir Theatre and Mime

Writer, Director, and Perfomer: Ruti Tamir | Voice Over: Bobby Lax | Artistic Advisor: Pnina Gery | Costume Designer: Michal Sagie | Set Designer: Yuval Kedem-Galileo | Original Music: Alberto Shwartz

2012 | English | 60 minutes

Deep in the forest, the Queen Judge presides over the Animal Court. But when she loses her reflection in her mirror one day, she simply cannot do anything until Lion, Mouse, Fox, and Crow help her find it! Will the Queen Judge ever see herself in the mirror again? Will the animals stop bickering long enough to help? All the answers—and more—await!

Written, directed, and performed by Ruti Tamir, this multi-awarded performance has travelled all over the world. Most enjoyed by children ages 6+, Four Fables and a Queen bewitches theater lovers of all ages with its combination of classic fables, rhyming text, and virtuosic mime.

Actress, mime, and director Tamir has an unparalleled career spanning dance, theater, pantomime, and physical theater across the USA, Europe, and Israel. Based in Israel since 1996, she has performed in, directed, choreographed, or created dozens of acclaimed theatrical productions, in addition to her television and film work and teaching mime and physical theater to actors and dancers.



Jaffa Theatre

Based on The Yellow Wind by David Grossman | Adaptor and Director: Ilan Ronen | Set Designer: Frida Shoham | Costume Designer: Noa Dotan | Lighting Designer: Roee Dvir | Cast: Menashe Noy, Gassan Abbas, Raida Adon, and Morad Hassan | English Subtitles: Gaby Eldor

2019 | Hebrew with English Subtitles | 70 minutes

During the 20th anniversary of the Six Day War, the Israeli magazine Koteret Rashit (Headline) commissioned author David Grossman to spend seven weeks in the West Bank. The stories that he gathered in his travels to refugee camps, courts, Jewish settlements, cities, and villages were published in his best-selling book, The Yellow Wind.

This new stage version—adapted and directed by the acclaimed Israeli artist Illan Ronen—combines powerful testimonial stories from the book, still relevant over 30 years after Grossman collected them, an interview with the writer himself, and an excerpt from his 2018 Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day speech. It paints a vivid, true, and often shocking portrait of life under occupation for West Bank residents during this critical time period in history.

A co-production of Jaffa Theatre and Tzavta Theatre, this play premiered in July 2019 as part of Jaffa Fest, an international theater festival, and has been seen across the globe. It was presented as part of the 2020 ISRADRAMA ExposureFest, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, and the Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama.


THE SECRETS (Coming Soon!)

Municipal Theatre Mladá Boleslav

Based on the filmThe Secrets by Avi Nesher and Hadar Galon | Adaptor and Director: Hadar Galron | Set Designer: Michal Syrový | Costume Designer: Agnieszka Pátá-Oldak | Music By: Elad Adar | Choreographer: Itzik Tzadik and Svatava Hanzl Milková | Cast: Malvína Pachlová, Hana Marie Maroušková, Petr Bucháček, Svatava Hanzl Milková, Pavlína Jurková, Ivo Theimer, Milan Ligač, Karolina Frydecká, Magdaléna Jirounková, Jaroslava Košková, Tereza Blažková, Kateřina Zapletalová, Diana Šoltýsová, and Tomáš Růžička | Translation: Denisa Kábrtová

2018 | Czech with English Subtitles | 123 minutes

Presented by:

A Kultura Collective Member

In Partnership with:

Theater J, Edlvitch DC Jewish Community Center, the Embassy of Israel

Start Date March 1, 2021

Closing Date June 30, 2021

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