In the News: Winter / Spring 2022



January 10, 2022

Read these stories featuring Kultura Collective members and member organizations.

Jewish Arts and Culture Highlights of 2021
Canvas Staff | Canvas Compendium | January 6, 2022

CANVAS doubles down on arts networks
eJewish Philanthropy | January 10, 2022

The Jewish Nomad: What did the Holocaust sound like? Let’s listen together
Ilana Zackon | Canadian Jewish News | January 26, 2022

International Holocaust Remembrance Day brings calls to improve Holocaust education
Ginella Massa | Canada Tonight | CBC | January 27, 2022

Holocaust education program examines the portrayal of Jews and the Holocaust in videogames
Andy Chalk | PC Gamer | January 27, 2022

Evelyn Tauben | Association for Jewish Studies | Winter 2022

Artists on their Art: Lynne Heller – Suspended—An Art Installation about Camp Naivelt
Lynne Heller| Association for Jewish Studies | Winter 2022

A Perfect Match: Celebrating Valentine’s Day
Ontario Jewish Archives | Niv Magazine | Winter 2022

Transplant: Two Artists Connect Across Borders
Aya Rosen | Lilith Magazine | February 14, 2022

Construction kicks off for Toronto’s new $27-million Holocaust museum—at a time it’s needed most
CJN Daily | March 16, 2022

Multi-media exhibit ‘Periphery’ brings marginalized Canadian Jews into focus
The Times of Israel | Robert Sarner | April 7, 2022

The Jewish Nomad: Four live theatre shows to look for on Canadian stages this spring
The CJN | Illana Zackon | April 19, 2022

Mother’s Day at the Ontario Jewish Archives
Niv Magazine | May 8, 2022

The Stories Behind the Parchments
Niv Magazine | May 8, 2022

Review: The Great Divide brings a harrowing true story to life
Now Magazine | Glenn Sumi | May 10, 2022

TDSB students to learn Toronto’s Jewish history on walking tour of Kensington Market
CBC News | May 18, 2022

Jewish festival season is upon us—but who are these events for, anyway?
Bonjour Chai, CJN | May 19, 2022

The Unexpected Art of Challah
Lily Rose, Hey Alma | June 2, 2022

TJFF 2022 Preview: 5 Films to Watch
Toronto Guardian | June 7, 2022

The Rhapsody: Leo Spellman’s Incredible Second World War Survival and Musical Legacy Explored in New Documentary
Kim Hughes, Everything Zoomer | July 15, 2022

Toronto’s new Holocaust museum is receiving $2.5 million from Ottawa
Lila Sarick, Canadian Jewish news | June 10, 2022

Hatepedia has launched as a new Canadian resource to track and educate about online hatred
Alex Rose, Canadian Jewish News | June 15, 2022

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April 18, 2024

As we heard into Passover we invite you to explore TJFF’s curated movie playlists on J-Flix, their free streaming archive.

April 15, 2024

Ruth Adler’s colorful work is on view in the exhibition DECADE: 10 Years of Creation at Youngplace at Koffler Arts.

April 12, 2024

Joseph Landau is a musician and plays with the Yiddish swing and folk band Yosl and the Yingels. On June 27 he will be performing at the Up on the Roof, a Yiddish Cafe on the rooftop of the Miles Nadal JCC.

April 11, 2024

Jordi Mand is a writer for theatre, film and TV. Her latest project, In Seven Days, will be staged with the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company.