Call for Artist Alley: Rosh Hashana Sweet Week Market


July 28, 2022

The Prosserman JCC is looking for vendors of all kinds to join us for our 1st ever Rosh Hashana Sweet Week Market on September 18, 2022 from 11AM – 7PM in Sherman Park. This is a call for enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to connect the Jewish community with diverse products that showcase handiwork and local talent for the sweetest new year yet! This could be fruits & vegetables, baked goods, candy, jewelry, crafts, clothes and more.

Sweet Week is a concept developed during the pandemic on the Virtual JCC. During Rosh Hashanah 2021, our programming team brought together many inspiring Jewish people to share ideas, food, thoughts, and spirituality through out the week leading up to the New Year. Each day featured a new stream surrounding the Rosh Hashanah theme: the response and partnerships were amazing.

Now that we are back together at the J, we have elevated Sweet Week to bring Jewish entrepreneurs, chefs, artists, entertainers, and spiritual leaders together at the Prosserman JCC in the Honey & Barry Community Park. This event is an opportunity for the community to buy amazing fresh foods, fruits & vegetables, honey, and incredible products made by JCC members and the larger Jewish community through-out the GTA.

The Sweet Week Market will be the first of its kind in the Jewish community and will feature partnerships with many organizations to bring the vision to life. From a bar and lounge, a main stage by Uptown Chabad, to highlighting ecological and environmental sustainability with the help of Shoresh, this truly will be a collaborative project like no other.

Some Features of the Sweet Week Market:

* Main stage with Jewish bands, food demos & performances (By Uptown Chabad)

* Sweet Week Bar with Beer, Israeli wine & Cocktails

* Family activities & activations for all ages

* Artist Ally featuring pottery, jewelry, trinkets, crafts, clothing & more

* Farmers Market with fresh fruits & vegetables from Jewish farmers

* Shoresh Honey Pavilion featuring freshly harvested honey (that week)

* Fresh Flower Corner, plants & pots

* Outdoor fall experience with picturesque surroundings, Authentic feel & Design

Are you interested in being a partner/sponsor of the event? Please contact Jared Golberg, Director of Events & Virtual JCC at to start the discussion.    

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