A screening of 12 short films and panel discussion with filmmakers and project director Patty Douglas from the Re-Storying Autism.


re storying autism
A screening of 12 short films and panel discussion with filmmakers and project director Patty Douglas from the Re•Storying Autism

About this Event

Join us for a screening of 12 short films and evening of conversation with filmmakers and project director Patty Douglas from the Re•Storying Autism in Education project.

Films from the project are made by autistic people, family members and educators who wish to transform the way autism is understood and advance inclusion in schools.

Dr. Patty Douglas is an Assistant Professor of disability studies and inclusive education at Brandon University in Brandon, Manitoba. She leads the Re•Storying Autism in Education project, an international multimedia storytelling project that brings together autistic people, family members, educators and artists in to rethink inclusion in ways that desire the difference of autism. www.restoryingautism.com.


These films will be screened with open captions, and the event will be live captioned and will have ASL interpretation.



SO THAT’S WHO I AM (2019, Dir. Nick Hodge, Toronto, Ontario, 3:36 minutes)

A short film about everyday teacher talk and its impact on autistic children in schools.


MOMENTS OF UNLEARNING (2019, Dir. Angelina Vaccero, Toronto, Ontario, 3:54 minutes)

Social worker Angelina Vaccero struggles with a difficult choice when her autistic client reveals he is hearing voices.


“DOING” INCLUSION” (2016, Dir. Brittany Van Beilen, Toronto, Ontario, 2 minutes)

Practitioner Brittany Van Beilen explores ‘doing’ inclusion in schools she visits.


CONNECTION (2020, Dir. Crystal Umpherville, Brandon, Manitoba, 4:30 minutes)

Indigenous teacher Crystal Umpherville invites viewers to think about difference differently, and to value connection.


UNTITLED (2020, Dir. Kaie Thompson, Brandon, Manitoba, 3:05 minutes)

Autistic media artist Kaie Thompson depicts just how overwhelming a classroom can be.


UNTITLED (2016, Dir. Raya Shields, Toronto, Ontario, 2:20 minutes)

Autistic disability studies scholar and child and youth worker Raya Shields speaks back to deficit narratives about autism at school.


FEARS & DREAMS (2020, Dir. Christopher Gerry, Brandon, Manitoba, 2:25 minutes)

Beginning teacher and new father Christopher Gerry challenges myths about autism.


HABITAT (2016, Dir. G. P., Toronto, Ontario, 2:31 minutes)

Autistic activist G. P. invites us into their sensory world and preferred ‘habitat’.


UNQUIET HANDS (2019, Dir. Kat Singer, Toronto, Ontario, 4:46 minutes)

Multimedia artist and mental health professional Kat Singer artfully transforms trauma through their unquiet hands.


UNTITLED (2016, Dir. Estee Klar, Toronto, Ontario, 5:27 minutes)

Neurodiversity activist and Toronto artist Estee Klar challenges remedial care systems and explores autism in relation with her non-speaking son Adam Wolfond.


PAPERWORK (2016, Dir. Meg Gibson, Toronto, Ontario, 2:29 minutes)

Social worker, mother and scholar Meg Gibson brings to life the hidden life of school for parents of autistic students.


WHY (2016, Dir. Frances Woods, Toronto, Ontario, 5:36 minutes)

Sibling Frances Woods tells new love stories about life with her autistic sister in this short film.

Presented by:

A Kultura Collective Member

In Partnership with:

ReelAbilities Film Festival: Toronto, Brandon University

Start Date: November 4, 2020

7:00 PM






If accessibility options not listed, please contact the venue to confirm


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