Ketubahs: Rosette Sund

The text in each print is customizable to reflect a couple’s distinct union. These prints juxtapose a modern-day aesthetic with a long-standing tradition.

Type of Exhibition: Art, Heritage


The Ketubah is a document, adorned by artwork, integral to the Jewish wedding ceremony. When used in the Orthodox or Conservative tradition, the Ketubah text, written in Aramaic, outlines the marriage responsibilities according to Jewish law. For more secular, interfaith or same-sex couples, this Ketubah text does not reflect their marital union and therefore many other text options now exist and in many languages. Often these texts focus on the couples’ love and hopes for their future. While the original purpose has evolved, the same wedding tradition continues; having ones’ commitment laid out in text, adorned by unique artwork with the signing witnessed by close family and friends.

No matter which version a couple chooses, the tradition of a wedding Ketubah is a beautiful custom; one that provides couples with an opportunity to commemorate their love of today with a unique piece of artwork for years to come.

Artist’s Biography: After graduating OCAD in 2004, Rosette Sund combined her passion for the Arts with education. She pursued her Bachelors of Education degree and continued to teach at the elementary level, which included an Expressive Arts program to students with developmental disabilities. After giving birth to her third child, Rosette left teaching to pursue painting full-time. She continues to live and work in Toronto. Painting, for me, is a means of storytelling; creating a visual narrative that resonates with the viewer on some level of a shared human experience. These painted “plots” extended beyond the canvas with the creation of custom wedding Ketubahs. What started as a highly personalized wedding gift for friends and family, grew as I began to branch out to work with couples to create the perfect artwork. Artwork that speaks about and to them as they embark on their lives together. In this way, when painting wedding Ketubahs, I am narrating each couple’s unique union.

Artist’s Statement: My portfolio of Ketubahs includes both painted customized artworks as well as prints focusing on modern design. As an integral component of a Jewish marriage ceremony, the artwork bordering the Ketubah text should reflect the couple: their personalities, religious beliefs, and unique story. As such, with time, it becomes an artifact rich with memories of where their union began. The works in this collection highlight my wedding Ketubah artworks—both custom and print designs.


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Start Date:

January 4, 2021

End Date:

February 28, 2021

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