The History of Toronto’s Y.M.H.A.

This online project by the OJA that looks at the history of the Young Men's and Young Women's Hebrew Association.

Type of Exhibition: Heritage, History, Toronto

Weightlifting OJA
Weightlifting in the Brunswick Avenue Y.M.-Y.W.H.A. exercise room, ca. 1950. Ontario Jewish Archives, fonds 61:6:15.

The History of Toronto’s Y.M.H.A. is an online exhibition created by the Ontario Jewish Archives that was launched in 2007.

It looks at the history of the Jewish “Y” movment in Toronto beginning with the earliest athletic associations that merged to form the Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association.

The exhibition features photographs, documents and oral histories from the holdings of the OJA and provides a fascinating look at the history of sport and recreation in Toronto’s Jewish community.

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Presented by:

A Kultura Collective Member

Start Date:

May 14, 2007

End Date:

May 10, 2021

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January 1, 2023

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