Mandolinist Eric Stein explores this history, sharing rare photos and recordings.


The mandolin has a rich history in Jewish musical life. Mandolin clubs and orchestras were at one time ubiquitous in Jewish Eastern Europe and in North American immigrant communities. The instrument was central in early musical education at Jewish schools and provided one of the only means of musical expression for women in pre-war Jewish communities.

And though rarely associated with the professional musical traditions of pre-war Jewish life (klezmer, Yiddish theatre), over the last century, Jewish mandolinists in a variety of musical styles have been among the most virtuosic and influential practitioners of the instrument. In this presentation, Toronto-based mandolinist Eric Stein explores this history, sharing rare photos and recordings as well as live demos of all the instruments of the mandolin family, including the mandola, mandocello and mandobass.

Presented in partnership with The Ashkenaz Festival.

Presented by:

A Kultura Collective Member

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Ashkenaz Festival

Start Date: February 13, 2022

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM






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