Live has arrived! Ashkenaz on the farm



July 29, 2021

The wait was long, but the Ashkenaz Foundation finally put on some LIVE shows last week!

The audiences were small (and even nearly outnumbered by the performers at one of the shows!), but they were live shows nonetheless, and in a magical venue: the beautiful barn at Bela Farm, one hour North West of Toronto.

The pristine acoustics and pastoral charm of the venue brought especially unique energy and aesthetic to the performances by ROMada, Socalled and the Toronto Jazz Orchestra, Hartzediker Lider (Allan Merovitz & Brian Katz with Jane Bunnett) and Aviva Chernick. Each of the shows was captured with high quality audio and video, which will now be edited and mixed for future streaming.

Follow the Ashkenaz Foundation on social media for broadcast dates in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can get a taste of what’s in store with a full photo album on Facebook from the ROMada show.

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