One-on-One: A Mentorship Initiative



June 9, 2021

one one one

UJA Genesis and UJA’s Professional Divisions are proud to present One-on-One: A Mentorship Initiative. In a time of uncertainty in the workplace, we want to help you find some clarity from the most experienced leaders across several industries. New for 2021, we are looking for arts, culture and heritage professionals and emerging leaders to participate in the program.

This new and exciting mentorship program will leverage industry leaders connected to UJA and our broader community (the mentors). They will connect with post-graduate students or professionals in the early stages of their careers (the mentees). The Mentorship Initiative will be available in various fields, such as arts administration, education, media, literature, design, architecture, and community professionals.

The program will provide mentees with the opportunity to gain insights from leaders in their respective industries while networking with fellow peers and future colleagues. Learn more here.

Apply as a MENTOR

Apply as a MENTEE

Mentees must be 21 or older. If enrolled in a post-graduate program, it must be at a Canadian Institution. You’re seeking mentorship with leaders in your desired industry.

At least 4 one-on-one meetings (online, for now)Advice on career development and community engagement. Open communication between Mentor and Mentee. Timely responses to all communications from Mentors and Mentees.

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