TJFF2021 Programmers’ Top Festival Picks

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May 21, 2021

tjff 2021 picks

Planning What to Watch at TJFF2021? Our Programmers Share their Top Festival Picks

Top Pick – Allen Braude, TJFF Programmer
Desert Tested
International Premiere
Available on Friday, June 4 & Saturday, June 5
The fascinating story of Yitzhak Shubinsky, creator of the Susita, the car with the fibreglass shell that was designed to create an Israeli automobile industry. More Info and Tickets

Top Pick – Rani Sanderson, TJFF Programmer
Becoming Nakuset  FREE
Available on Saturday, June 5 & Sunday, June 6
Live Zoom Q&A on Sunday, June 6 at 7:00pm
An intimate documentary about Nakuset, a survivor of the Sixties Scoop of Indigenous kids, who was adopted by an affluent Jewish family in Montreal. More Info and Tickets

Top Pick – Gillian Helfield, TJFF Programmer
Tiger Within
Canadian Premiere
Available on Sunday, June 6 & Monday, June 7 
Live Zoom Q&A on Wednesday, June 9 at 6pm
Ed Asner stars in this tender story about the unlikely friendship between a Holocaust survivor and skinhead teen runaway. More Info and Tickets

Top Pick – Lara Bulger, TJFF Programmer
Canadian Premiere
Available on Sunday, June 6 & Monday, June 7
Live Zoom Q&A on Wednesday, June 9 at 1pm
The remarkable story of the woman who crossed boundaries between Jews, Christians and Muslims to establish the first Palestinian Equestrian Team. More Info and Tickets

Top Pick – Stuart Hands, TJFF Director of Programming
The Adventures of Saul Bellow
Canadian Premiere
Available on Wednesday, June 9 & Thursday, June 10
Zoom Q&A to follow on Sunday, June 13 at 12PM
The first documentary film about novelist Saul Bellow, one of the most acclaimed chroniclers of postwar American Jewish life. More Info and Tickets

Top Pick – Susan Starkman, TJFF Programmer
Summer of 85
Available on Thursday, June 10 & Friday, June 11
François Ozon captures the unparalleled intensity of first-time love in this sexy, romantic, and ultimately tragic love story captured in perfect period detail. More Info and Tickets

Top Pick – Jeremie Abessira, TJFF Director of Operations and Programmer
The Red Scarf
Canadian Premiere
Available on Sunday, June 13 & Monday, June 14
Blending archival footage and animation, award-winning filmmaker Peter Mostovoy recounts his career as a filmmaker from the height of the Soviet Union to its collapse. More Info and Tickets

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