Make your own window mural at home


March 18, 2021

window trace

Both& is a site-specific mural installation created for the Miles Nadal JCC by Toronto-based artist Bareket Kezwer. It is one of six works commissioned for the North America-wide project, Dwelling in the time of Plagues. Themed around the holiday of Passover, Dwelling in the time of Plagues is a Jewish creative response to real-world plagues of our time.

Kezwer’s project asks viewers to question the framework of binary thinking (either/or). Using the ampersand symbol as a starting point, the artwork combines elements of English and Hebrew typography, as well as hand-drawn visual dualities.

Windows are a wonderful space for temporary murals. While we’re spending more time in our homes and walking around our neighbourhoods, window murals are a great way to share an uplifting message with neighbours or add some public art to your community.

In this activity, we will show you how you can make your own window mural, at home, inspired by Both&!

Click here to download the activity guide.

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