TJFF Programmer’s Picks


May 22, 2020


TJFF2020 Online runs from May 30 until June 7, 2020 and includes International, Canadian and Toronto Premieres accessible for viewers in the Greater Toronto Area… showcasing stories about long distance lovers, unlikely companions, familial discord, political outsiders, trailblazing women, modernist visionaries, and pop culture pioneers.

From the 35+ films in the online festival, featuring the best in Jewish-content film from Canada and around the world, the TJFF Programmers have shared their picks. Enjoy it all from the comfort of your couch!

LARA BULGER (Transkids)

GILLIAN HELLFIELD (Churchill and the Movie Mogul)


SUSAN STARKMAN (The End of Love)

ALLEN BRAUDE (Conrad Veidt – My Life)


STUART HANDS (Programme Director)

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