TJFF’s Programmers Share their Top Festival Picks


October 15, 2020

tjff 2020 fall films

The 28th Toronto Jewish Film Festival is pleased to present TJFF2020 Online: Fall Edition from October 22 – November 1

TJFF2020 Online: Fall Edition features over 50 Films, including 4 North American Premieres, 19 Canadian Premieres and 10 Toronto Premieres, all accessible for viewers in Ontario,  offering larger-than-life tales from around the world about dreamers, troublemakers, heroes, revolutionaries, outsiders and outliers. Enjoy it all from the comfort of your couch!

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TJFF’s programmers have selected their “must watch” films for the Fall Edition. Learn more below!

Canadian Premiere
Watch on Thursday, October 22 & Friday, October 23
Zoom Q&A to follow on Sunday, October 25 at 1PM
Grounded by outstanding performances…and set against the vibrant backdrop of Tel Aviv, Fox delivers an understated, sensitive narrative marked by his trademark sensual style.
– Susan Starkman, TJFF Programmer

Toronto Premiere
Watch on Sunday, October 25 and Monday, October 26
Zoom Q&A to follow on Monday, October 26 at 7PM
Minyan is a compelling and authentic film about 17-year David grappling with his faith and burgeoning sexuality set in the Russian Jewish community of Brighton Beach Brooklyn in the 1980s, and features an outstanding [lead] performance.
– Allen Braude, TJFF Programmer

Shiva Baby
Watch on Monday, October 26 & Tuesday, October 27
A taut comedy of errors… about a young woman from a close-knit Jewish community who has had to keep secret many aspects of her life. The strengths of the film lie in the naturalistic performances, and in Seligman’s claustrophobic direction. Shiva Baby is not to be missed.
– Lara Bulger, TJFF Programmer

Love & Stuff
Watch on Wednesday, October 28 & Thursday, October 29
I’m particularly amazed at the depth of footage Judith had, and how she was able to put it all together to tell her story… I felt this film was a beautiful love letter to the filmmaker’s mother and daughter.
– Rani Sanderson, TJFF Programmer

Army of Lovers in the Holy Land
Canadian Premiere
Watch on Friday, October 30 & Saturday, October 31
Zoom Q&A to follow on Sunday, November 1 at 4PM
This is a film that you don’t expect to see at a Jewish film festival. It’s a lot of fun with terrific characters and music, and you’re just going to have a great time. So don’t forget to watch it.
– Helen Zukerman, TJFF Artistic Director and Programmer

Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive
Toronto Premiere
Watch on Friday, October 30 & Saturday, October 31
Zoom Q&A to follow on Sunday, November 1 at 3PM
Filmmakers David Ofek and Yossi Atia have created a dark, deadpan satire, and soulful romantic comedy about a terror attack survivor, a combination that is both funny and deeply moving.
– Stuart Hands, TJFF Director of Programming

Official Selection, TIFF
Watch on Sunday, November 1 & Monday, November 2
Africa, directed by Israeli filmmaker Oren Gerner, is a deeply touching docu-fiction. It features Gerner’s own parents, seniors in a small Israeli village, who are facing the challenges of aging, illness, and the need for self-reinvention.
– Gillian Helfield, TJFF Programmer

North American Premiere
Watch on Sunday, November 1 & Monday, November 2
Zoom Q&A to follow on Monday, November 2 at 7PM
Ilan Ziv captures in this film the essence of one of the most complex issues in contemporary Jewish life by going back to its origins and exploring its various permutations. A necessary documentary… that is more relevant today than ever.
– Jeremie Abessira, TJFF Director of Operations and Programmer

In an effort to support the community during this time, the TJFF2020 Online: Fall Edition will offer support to grassroots organizations Mazon Canada and The Stop Community Food Centre, as part of an initiative to help ensure the provision and distribution of emergency food to those most in need and yet often neglected. More information HERE.

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